Minnesota Historical Society

Master Planning

Installation Supervision

The traveling “1968” exhibit provides an interpretive journey through this tumultuous year by presenting each month as a separate topic and environmental space. Maple & Associates was asked to consolidate the various design components and provide CAD rendered views and walk-through animations for planning study, investor presentation and new venue reconfiguration.

The 1968 Exhibit was an ambitious, state-of-the-art, multimedia exhibit that looked at how the experiences of the year fueled a persistent and often contradictory sense of identity for the people who were there. At times visitors became emotional buffeted by each month’s key events: the loss of JFK, MLK and the struggles in Vietnam.

To balance the more weighty topics, items like a multiplayer music quiz game and “Make Your Own Album” cover were created. Presenting throwback hippie clothing, ’60’s decor and consumer goods helped make a personal connection with the era.

The 1968 exhibit traveled to several other venues across the U.S. where it needed to be reconfigured to custom fit the access and unique attributes of each gallery. M&A provided detailed layouts, setup drawings and onsite consulting during installation for the new state 1968 visited.