Apollo 11


Richard Nixon Presidential Library

Master Planning

Graphics Production

Research, Writing and Curation

Installation Supervision

Maple & Associates, LLC proposed an exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library & Museum. After internal discussions and evaluation, the Library decided to move forward with the project titled, “Apollo 11: One Giant Leap for Mankind.“ The exhibit’s story begins with the Soviet virus U.S. space race, features an AV presentation of President Kennedy’s call to place a man on the moon and concludes with America’s stated goal to visit there once again. 

This exhibition featured designed thematic exhibitry, graphic murals and Space Race artifacts ranging from soviet propaganda, to priceless moon rocks.

Full-scale models of the Apollo capsule, section of the Lunar Lander (with Armstrong’s big step) and the astronauts isolation chamber were incorporated to convey scale and provided a photo opportunity. 

A 1969 living room setting complete with a vintage television featured the key artifact from the Nixon Library Collection—the green telephone used by President Nixon to make his historic call to the first astronauts on the moon. Maple & Associates, LLC additionally worked with Immersive VR Education of Ireland to create a cutting edge virtual reality experience of walking on the moon.

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