Fabergé Egg


Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum

Master Planning

Graphics Production

Installation Supervision

The Reagan Presidential Library & Museum engaged Maple & Associates to develop the "Regal Splendor: Masterpieces from the House of Fabergé" exhibit featuring the Forbes Fabergé egg and jewelry collection. Mrs. Reagan initiated the concept, asking that her collection of public gifts be included. Along with jewelry and other decorative and functional artifacts, the history of the House of Fabergé and the Romanov family was explored.

Although the Imperial Easter egg collection commissioned by the last of the Russian Czars is the most celebrated, other Fabergé masterworks were displayed including; the Anniversary Heart Memento, the Imperial fleur-de-lys Clock, the Nobel Necklace/Bracelet, along with the fanciful Moon Clock.

The highlight of the show was the first public viewing in the United States of the Nobel Ice Egg, commissioned by the nephew of inventor Alfred Nobel in 1914. The egg was designed after frost-covered window panes and holds a pendant watch inside.


The exhibit explored the significance of these miniature masterworks beyond their sheer beauty and workmanship. The exhibit also included insights into late Imperial Russian politics, touching glimpses into the private lives of the last "Czar and Autocrat of All the Russias” and his family.