First Avenue


Minnesota Historical Society

Master Planning

Installation Supervision

Maple &  Associates, LLC worked alongside the Minnesota Historical Society to bring the “First Avenue: Stories of Minnesota’s Mainroom” exhibition to life. Since 1970, First Avenue and the 7th St. Entry have been at the heart of the Minnesota music scene. The exhibit not only celebrates the high-profile musicians, but also startup bands, management, employees, groupies, and the usual suspects who called First Avenue their rock 'n' roll home.

A symbolic grungy-rock concert atmosphere was thematic incorporated throughout the exhibition. Audio bleed into other galleries was a terrific challenge. M&A provided multiple theater and sound treatment studies to examine options to contain the necessary volume.

One individual above all is inseparably linked to First Ave—“The Musician Formerly Known as Prince.” He has a special section dedicated to his contribution to the Minneapolis music scene, the filming of “Purple Rain” at the venue and tribute to his memory.

Artifacts from the Historical Society, the venue, band members and fans were combined to provide some of the more unique and outright odd items displayed. Mini-theaters, illuminated dance floors, side street entrances and even an actual well-traveled roadie van were created to help interpret the diversity of creativity and fun that is First Ave.

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