First Avenue

Since 1970, First Avenue & 7th St. Entry have been at the heart of the Minnesota music scene. Celebrate the musicians, the employees, and the regulars who called First Avenue their rock 'n' roll home.

Discover how First Avenue, its staff, and the Minneapolis music scene have changed over five decades.


Around each corner you'll run into a new band, singer, or DJ, brought to life through video, photographs, and artifacts.

  • Hear personal stories from music legends, bartenders, bouncers and more

  • See big-name bands in their earliest days at 7th St. Entry, including The Replacements and Hüsker Dü

  • Watch video clips from the club's first raucous performance by Joe Cocker in 1970

  • Step into the '80s-era office of long-time manager Steve McClellan and learn about the venue's inner workings

  • See Prince's iconic suit from Purple Rain and memorial items left at First Avenue after his passing

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