First Lady

The Pat Nixon 100th Anniversary exhibit tells the life story of this remarkable woman, from her humble beginnings; her stepping into the role of the “woman of the house” at the age of 13 when her mother died; her dogged pursuit of a college education and her years teaching at Whittier High School; to her years as both the wife of the Vice President, and than President of the United States, when she became known as America’s Ambassador of Goodwill for her travels to 83 different countries around the world.

Under special arrangement with the White House Curator’s Office, the exhibit will feature two of the more than 600 furnishings and art objects Mrs. Nixon acquired for the White House, reflecting her keen appreciation for the history and majesty of the Executive Mansion, and her efforts to open it to more visitors than ever before.

The significant aspects of her extraordinary life are accented by videotaped eyewitness accounts of the many people who knew her, worked with her, loved her, and were touched by her legacy, including First Ladies Barbara Bush and Rosalyn Carter, Caroline Kennedy, and family, friends, and closest aides to President and Mrs. Nixon.