First Lady

The Pat Nixon 100th Anniversary exhibit is a retrospective on the life of this remarkable woman. From her humble beginnings in Cerritos, California, to her world-traveler years as wife of the Vice President, and eventually serving as First Lady of the United States.

Maple & Associates was asked to specifically develop the area focusing on her role as First Lady. Mrs. Nixon made many groundbreaking contributions in her high-profile role.

Under special arrangement with the White House Curator’s Office, the exhibit features two of the more than 600 furnishings and art objects Mrs. Nixon acquired for the White House, reflecting her keen appreciation for the history and majesty of the Executive Mansion. Other items on display included many of her famous dresses, ranging from functional and former. Calendars gave evidence to her busy schedule and well-earned moniker as “America’s Ambassador of Goodwill.”


The significant aspects of her extraordinary life are portrayed by videotaped eyewitness accounts of the many people who knew her, worked with her, loved her, and were touched by her legacy. These included: First Ladies Barbara Bush, Rosalyn Carter, Caroline Kennedy, family, friends, and many of the closest aides to the President and Mrs. Nixon.


Richard Nixon Presidential Library

Master Planning

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