George H.W. Bush Presidential Library


Master Planning

Graphics Production

Installation Supervision

The George Bush Presidential Library & Museum was redesigned to upgrade the overall aesthetic, incorporate state-of-the-art media technology and utilize new interpretive approaches. 

The President issued the challenge to “make it the best.” Quite a high bar if you consider that the design, fabrication, AV Production and installation of 42 different exhibits was set to reopen 22 months later.  While touring the in-progress gallery Mrs. Bush noted the complexity and chaos of install process and commented with a grin; “this will never be none on time.” To everyone’s surprise, the redesigned Bush Presidential Museum reopened to the public two weeks early.

Exhibits focused on providing an opportunity for the visitor to meet the man behind the presidency—to understand his “heartbeat.” The walkway goal was to be inspire visitors by his life of service to give back as demonstrated through his “Thousand Points of Light Foundation.” An object theater multimedia experience told the story of the Persian Gulf War from the soldier’s point of view. Immersive environments are used to draw the visitor into the mood and feel of the historic eras represented throughout the museum. Content themed “Millie doghouses” were sprinkled throughout the gallery for school group questionnaires.