Great Lakes Wisconsin 

The Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center interpretive exhibits were tasked to capture the unique qualities of this multi-state region. The thematic title of the exhibit is: “How We View the Land Determines How We Use the Land.” It represents a balanced view of the controversial and often emotional issues relating to the area's development. Wildlife dioramas, murals, hands-on exhibits and theatric environments were developed to help tell the tale. Center to the main gallery is a suspended overhead stating the thematic title, below is an interactive topographical map of the region.

The entire gallery incorporates a rustic wood theme and high dark blue sky ceiling. The entrance of a mineshaft was created to capture the story of the historic mining in the region. An antique dynamite detonator has the written warning “to not touch.” A very bass audio boom is heard at the back of the tunnel if a visitor decides push the plunger down anyway—few resist doing so! 

"Northern Voices" is the title of the sophisticated audiovisual orientation program. The dramatic Object Theater presentation uses light, sound, images, objects, music and narration to help illustrate how people have viewed the Northern Great Lakes Region over the years.