Hurst Ranch


Hurst Ranch Historical Foundation

Master Planning

Graphics Production

Installation Supervision

The Hurst family was an integral part of the founding of the city of West Covina. Their ranch ceased operations in the 1950s and three acres of an original 150-acre ranch has been maintained to demonstrate what farm-life was like in the San Gabriel Valley during the 1920s –1940s.

Maple & Associates was brought in to create the first professional exhibits on the site and create Pioneering Days program for local visitors and school groups. When the project began original farm implements, tools and all manner of ranch material were stored in place as it had been for decades.

Antique assessors and ranch experts were asked to sort through objects to determine value and relevance. Special mobile display units were created to adapt to the multipurpose needs of the facility. Large-scale historical photographs and interpretive text support each featured artifact and various hands-on objects are presented so children can try out for themselves.


Graphics were interlaced throughout the unique barn architecture and inset tool placement. Items ranging from Model-T automobiles to smudge pots are an integral part of the ranch atmosphere, while other day-to-day tools enhance or interpret the early years of the Hurst Ranch.