Nixon Centennial 


Richard Nixon Presidential Library

Master Planning

Graphics Production

Installation Supervision

After the successful opening of the Pat Nixon 100th anniversary exhibit, Maple & Associates was invited to develop: “The Nixon Centennial Exhibit: Patriot, President, Peacemaker."  The special exhibit was a visually stunning journey through Richard Nixon’s from a man of humble beginnings to eventually become the 37th President and one of the most important figures of the 20th Century.

Some of the artifacts in the exhibit range from the bench he sat on while playing football at Whittier College to the World War II dress uniform Nixon wore while he served as an officer in the U.S. Navy. The exhibit also features an exact replica of the desk he used at the U.S. Capitol as Vice President and in the Oval Office as President.

The exhibit features five main themes of President Nixon’s life, each essential in developing his core philosophy and legacy. As the project developed, the Nixon Foundation sought to repurpose the developing content as a virtual timeline tour on their website. The synergistic relationship between online opportunities was further developed to incorporate QR codes laced throughout the exhibit graphics to link to additional content topics or AV programs.