USS George H.W. Bush

The USS George H.W. Bush (aka CVN 77) is the 10th and final Nimitz-class U.S. aircraft carrier. Some of the Nimitz class carriers have onboard “Tribute Rooms.” The privately funded mini-museums present the story of each ship’s namesake. As an implausibly tiny museum onboard an active military vessel, the George H.W. Bush Tribute Room provided many unique challenges. 

After completing the successful redesign of the George Bush Presidential Library & Museum, Maple & Associates was asked to develop a condensed environment to showcase the larger-than-life story of President Bush. The compact size and storyline created several unknown hurdles. To reduce the enormity of the topic, the theme of the President’s “Leadership” was emphasized.

The gallery would eventually become a moving, functioning military vessel. High seas and extreme weather conditions dictated the finish materials, graphic application, AV presentation hardware and artifacts displayed. Sea trials generated the most extreme focuses that the exhibitry will hopefully ever encounter!


The Tribute Room utilizes artifacts, ship models and a life-sized sculpture to recount the heroic service of young Naval Pilot George Bush while serving on an aircraft carrier during WWII. The exhibit concludes with his role as Commander-In-Chief during Operation Desert Storm.