Wildlife Ranch

The National Wildlife Art Museum strives to enrich and inspire public appreciation of fine art and humanity's relationship with nature by focusing its exhibitions and programs on wildlife artwork. Situated on a butte in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the museum overlooks the 20,000-acre National Elk Refuge.


The museum holds more than 5,000 artworks representing wild animals from around the world—but it was lacking a children’s group component. A “Children’s Discovery Gallery” was created that included several low-tech interactives and an introductory AV program. The “Magnetic Masterpieces” exhibit features famous oil painting reproductions to teach perspective and composition.

Photoshop was utilized to “lift” various foreground elements from the painting that became adjustable magnetic puzzle pieces. Another exhibit featured investigative “Wildlife Carrels” to provide clues that would illuminate individual puzzle segments of the featured animal lightbox above. Fur, bones, footprints and other tactile button hints, help complete the image above (and trigger the surprise rewarding animal sound audio). A large faux tree trunk was created to house an audiovisual program for the mini-theater for mini visitors.